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Please provide RS274X Gerber files and PCB specification. Without Gerber file, please provide below information at least (yellow area should be confirmed).
PCB Layer   Quantity  
PCB Dimension pcs    panel (   /1   pcs/panel)(includes panel drawing)
Forming V-CUT + Routing   (+/-0.1mm)(Remained thickness: 0.3mm)    Others
PCB Material FR-4       Others      TG:          
PCB Thickness and Stack-up 0.8mm   1.0mm   1.2mm   1.6mm   2.0mm  Others:
Surface Treatment HALENIGOSP/ENTEKImmersion SilverOthers:
Gold Finger 3.5um   5 um 10 um   20 um   30 um        um
Cu. Thickness 1/2oz1oz2ozoz
Impedance Contro N/A50 OHMS± 10%75 OHMS±15% Others:
Solder Mask GreenYellowRedOthers:
SM Thickness 0.4~0.7mil          mil
Silkscreen WhiteBlackYellowOthers:
Please provide RS274X Gerber and drill files; in addition, please provide PCB specification includes dimension, thickness, cu thickness, base material, surface treatment, solder mask and silkscreen color…etc.

Please kindly refer to the below information.

Mini thickness (2L) 0.2mm
Mini thickness (4L) 0.4mm
Min thickness (6L) 0.6mm
Mini thickness (8L) 0.8mm
Mini thickness (10L) 1.0mm
Mini thickness (12L) 1.2mm
Everlast Win use Polar system to calculate and confirm the impedance control; in addition, Everlast Win would make the impedance control coupon on the board edge and use Polar system to confirm if the impedance control meets criteria or not while we complete PCB production.
♦ Flying Probe
♦ Dedicated
♦ Universal on Grid
♦ Kelvin Measurement (4W)
Yes, we do. No additional charge will be requested if you could provide Gerber file after paneling; however, we’ll charge the set up cost while clients request thepanelization for more than one file.
For the completed thickness less than 1.6mm, we usually pack 25pcs in one vacuum package includes the desiccant or humidity indicator and then, we put them in one carton with sponge inside to avoid damages during transportation. Any special package requests, please inform our sales while placing your order.
  Standard Loss Upper Middle Loss Lower
Middle Loss
Low Loss Very
Low Loss
Ultra Low Loss
Tg TG150 TG170 TG150 TG170 TG180 TG200 TG220 TG170
EMC EM-825 EM-827 EM-285 EM-370(5) EM-370(Z)
EM-528 EM-890 EM-890K
TUC TU-662 TU-768     TU-862 HF TU-863 TU-872LK TU-883/SP
NanYa NP155F NP-175F                
Rogers   R04350B

For more details about other base materials, please feel free to contact us.Learn more

Yes, Everlast Win not only provide the serial number but also the QR-Code based on customer's request.


HAL Immersion Silver Immersion Gold HAL
Lead Free
Shelf Life 6 months 1-2 months 2-3 months 4 months 2-3 months
Environment T: 25℃±5% T: 25℃ ±5% T: 25℃ ±5% T: 25℃ ±5% T: 25℃ ±5%
H: 55±10% H: 55±5% H: 55±5% H: 55±10% RH: 40~70%
Bake Condition
(Within 6 months)
T: 120℃

Not allowed
to bake

T: 120℃ T: 120℃ Not allowed
to bake
Time: 1Hr Time: 1Hr Time: 1Hr
Bake Condition
(Exceed 6 months)
T: 120℃ Not allowed
to bake
T: 120℃ T: 120℃ Not allowed
to bake
Time: 2Hr Time: 2Hr Time: 2Hr
Everlast Win Standard L/T
Layer L/T (MP) L/T (SMPL)
2L 15 6
4L 20 7
6L 25 8
8L 25 9
10L 25 10
12L 30 11

If there are special materials, process or bulk quantities, we will adjust the lead time accordingly. In addition, if any urgency, clients could pay an extra cost to shorten the lead time. For more details, please contact our sales directly. Learn more

HDI usually uses the laser drilling; however, the general PCB usesthe mechanical drilling. In addition, we proceed HDI process with build-up method.