Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Fulfilling corporate social responsibility and promoting social development has always been an extremely important part of EW's feedback and service to the public.

On the one hand, EW actively serves and contributes to the society. On the other hand, it encourages employees to get in touch with the society, actively plan life goals, take into account a diverse life, take care of family members, so that employees do not get out of touch with society, and promote family rapport and harmony.

In the colorful seasons at the end of the year, employees in Taiwan used practical actions to show their love of "sending warmth at the end of the year and caring for the society", so as to raise New Year gifts and convey their care and care for disadvantaged children. After the 311 Earthquake in Japan, donations were made to help Japanese victims rebuild their homes.

Put an end to illegal child labor, never cooperate with child-using factories, protect children, so that children can receive a good education and growth environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Introduce high-efficiency water recycling equipment. After treatment, according to the water quality requirements/ water consumption levels, it will be recycled to production, environmental cleaning, green irrigation and other links for reuse.

Waste water is divided into more than 25 categories according to the characteristics of products and pollutants, and 10 major categories of treatment systems are designed according to the wastewater treatment system, which are collected, treated, and recycled.

Various systems are ensuring processing functions and effective recovery of water resources and heavy metal resources. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of saving land, reducing energy consumption, and maintaining flexibility.

In addition, there are professional water quality testing equipment, and a dedicated person regularly checks the water quality of each treatment system.

The wastewater discharge outlets are equipped with online water quality/ water volume monitoring devices, which are connected to the local environmental protection agency 24 hours to ensure that the wastewater is 100% up to the standard and achieve zero pollution in the drainage.

Safety Production Management

Set up a safety production management organization, formulate company safety strategies and policies, implement laws and regulations, and conduct risk analysis and hidden danger management for company production operations.

1) Safety management organization: The company sets up a safety management organization and allocates full-time safety management personnel. At the same time, each workshop is equipped with a work safety team leader as part-time safety management personnel to assist in various safety crisis self-examinations and crisis reports. The company established a production safety improvement meeting, with the main person in charge as the director representative, of which the union representative accounted for 10.5%.

2) Execution law: The company's various new renovation and expansion projects are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of occupational disease hazards, safety and other relevant national safety laws and regulations.

3) Crisis management: The company always pays attention to the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards. Take daily audits ,Audit forms such as joint audit and special audit, Hierarchical and classified management of the plant according to the risk level, The company launches "greenhouse effect climate preventive measures" "Extreme Climate Flood Prevention Plan" and special inspection projects , In order to eliminate hidden dangers in time , Take precautions before they happen

4) E-Management:The company has established an EMS (Intelligent Equipment Management) system and an industrial safety net system, and uses the Internet to implement equipment spot inspections, maintenance monitoring, and crisis rectification improvement tracking. The company establishes a manufacturer's construction management platform to control the company's manufacturer activities and record the construction process.

Fire Safety Management

Set up a fire control center team to realize a command center that integrates warning and handling, emergency command, and safety monitoring. Configure fire management teams to perform fire drills, equipment training, and fire protection system maintenance and management.

1)Central control center management: The company has established a central control center team to collect, monitor, handle, and report abnormal information and abnormal signals, realize the integration of resources, respond to various abnormal situations in a timely and accurate manner, and implement two-person 24-hour on-duty monitoring.

2)Timely handling of fire stations: All departments set up timely handling of fire stations, equipped with various applicable testing instruments, disposal equipment/facilities, fire-fighting clothing, chemical protective clothing at all levels, emergency carts, SCBA (air breathing apparatus), etc. The company has set up corresponding emergency rescue facilities at the manufacturing site, in addition to eye washes, emergency medicine boxes, etc., we also introduce professional emergency equipment such as AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). And organize various emergency facilities and AED/CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training, etc.

3)Emergency management:The company specially conducts training on the use and operation of emergency response equipment. The training plan includes 20 major items and 30 small items, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, chemical protective clothing, emergency treatment vehicles, etc., and courses and training are set up taking into account the use of various equipment. The company formulates various emergency rescue plans for fire fighting, evacuation, chemical leakage, confined space, etc. and conducts drills to improve the self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities of employees.

Occupational Health Management Responsibility

Set up an occupational health management team, responsible for the overall planning of occupational health and safety, and provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

1)Occupational disease hazard factor detection: The company commissions a qualified inspection company to conduct on-site production once a year. Environmental hazard factors detection, items include physical and chemical factors, physical factors such as noise, illuminance, etc., chemical factors include dust, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc., and report the results to the management department for filing, and post to employees on the spot.

2)Personnel management: All employees in hazardous positions sign a notice of occupational hazards to enable them to understand the hazards of the corresponding positions and preventive measures. Each hazard workshop posts corresponding warning signs and instruction cards as required. The company provides employees with free work protection products that meet the national occupational health standards and guides them to use them correctly.

And according to the requirements, conduct occupational health examinations before, during and after the job, establish occupational health monitoring data, and inform employees of the physical examination results in time and assist in improvement.

Comprehensive Safety Training Activities

In order to enhance employees' safety awareness and ability, the company provides various forms of safety training and organizes various themed activities to form a self-managed safety culture.

1)Education and training: The company's main persons in charge, safety management personnel and special operations personnel have been professionally trained by relevant departments. The company strictly implements three-level safety education and training for employees.

2)Theme activity : The company organizes safety month activities and firefighting month activities in May and October each year. The forms of activities include safety theme promotion, video broadcasting, knowledge lectures, fun quiz courses, safety knowledge contests, etc., to enhance employees in a lively and lively way Understanding of safety knowledge.

3)Safety culture: Set up a “Holistic industrial safety column" on the company's internal network to promote safety knowledge. The company actively organizes employees to participate in safety activities organized by the municipal government and local communities.

4)External guidance:In addition to independent management, the company invites professional safety consultants, government experts and other technical teams to conduct safety inspections and guidance on the company, thereby enhancing the company's overall safety management level and improving the company's safety concepts and professional knowledge.