Process Capability

Items Manufacturing Capability
Layer Count 26 Layers (Max.)
Dimension Max. PCB Size 500mm*590mm
Min. Thickness 1 & 2 Layers 0.2mm
4 Layers 0.4mm
6 Layers 0.6mm
8 Layers 0.8mm
10 Layers 1.0mm
12 Layers 1.2mm
Material FR4 94-V0 (Standard) TG140,TG150,TG180,TG200
Rogers 4000 series
MCPCB Aluminium (Single layer)
Inner Layer 4oz (Max.)
Inner Layer 0.5oz (Min.)
Out Layer 5 oz (finished / Max.)
Out Layer 0.3 oz (base copper / Min.)
Inner Board Thinnest inner layer (excluding copper) 3mil (0.075mm)
Copper (oz) 0.5oz
Inner Layer Annular Ring 6mil (Min.)
Distance from drill hole to inner wire 6mil (Min.)
Inner Layer Etching Alignment registration ±3mil
Inner line width tolerance ±20%
Drilling Diameter 0.15mm (Min.)
Deviation ±3mil
PTH tolerance ±3mil,press fit hole ±2mil
N-PTH tolerance ±2mil
Copper Plating Copper surface 1oz
Hole copper 0.8mil
Out Layer Etching Line width tolerance ±20%
Soldermask Color Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / White / Purple / Black
Min. Soldermask Dam 3mil / 4mil (for Black & White)
Soldermask Pad 0.2mm
Thickness (top and bottom limit) 0.01mm~0.0254mm (double coating)
Plug hole diameter 0.5mm (Max.)
Through hole (plug hole) Soldermask ink as plug hole
Registration 0.05mm
Silkscreen Color Yellow / White / Black
Deviation ±0.127mm
Silkscreen Width Dam 0.1mm (partial / Min.)
Height / width 0.8mm (Min.)
Electrical Testing AOI / Flying Probe Test YES
Open / Short circuit YES
Impedance Control Single-ended impedance control 2L YES
Single-ended impedance control 4L YES
Single-ended impedance control 6L YES
Single-ended impedance control 8L YES
Differential impedance control YES
Forming Forming reaming ± 0.127mm
CNC tolerance ± 0.127mm
V-Cut depth 1/3 thickness
V-Cut angle 30 / 45 / 60 degrees (standard 30 degrees)
V-Cut deviation ±0.1mm
Half round hole YES
Wire Configuration Between SMD line and line center 0.4mm (Min.)
SMD PAD line width 0.2mm (Min.)
Between BGA PAD and VIA hole edge 0.2mm
Hot Air Solder Leveling
Thickness 120u"
Vertical HASL YES
Horizontal HASL NO
Surface Treatment Lead-free HASL YES
Immersion Ni/Au YES
Immersion Ag YES
Plated Ni/Au YES
Other UL V0-1、V0-7
Date Code YYWW or WWYY
Inner Layer Min. Line / Spacing (0.5oz) 3mil / 3mil
Min. Line / Spacing (1oz) 3mil / 3mil
Min. Line / Spacing (2oz) 5mil / 6mil
Min. Line / Spacing (3oz) 8mil / 9mil
Min. Line / Spacing (4oz) 12mil / 12mil
Line width tolerance ±20%
Out Layer Min. Line / Spacing (1oz) 3mil / 3.5mil
Min. Line / Spacing (2oz) 5mil / 6mil
Min. Line / Spacing (3oz) 8mil / 9mil
Min. Line / Spacing (4oz) 12mil / 12mil
Min. Line / Spacing (5oz) 15mil / 15mil
Line width tolerance ±20%