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Company Overview

Top PCB manufacturer and quality circuit board solutions.
At EW, we specialize in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, offering a wide range of services to meet your PCB needs. Whether you require a PCB pilot run or mass production, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver top-quality PCBs tailored to your specifications. Our flexible production process enables us to offer exceptional PCB solutions to a wide array of industries, including communication, medical, military, security, surveillance, computing, industrial, automotive, and more.

With two manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, we rigorously enforce quality control measures while continually enhancing production efficiency. We have also implemented automation in our PCB fabrication processes and established a systematic management system. Furthermore, our dedicated R&D team consistently works on developing new materials, products, and fabrication techniques to expand our high-end product offerings.

Our commitment is to be your ultimate partner as a PCB manufacturer, striving to provide unparalleled solutions to meet your specific needs.
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